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Our mission is to expose the NWO agenda by reaching mass numbers of the Populous, we do this through our music and with the help of our fellow brothers & sisters of the Resistance. The average person will not sit down and listen to a 5 minute speech, But they will listen to Our Songs. We encrypt Our message Masterfully into our Great Works. One 3 min. Beast1333 track gets through to more people than any speech could ever. Our mission is to Resist tyranny and corruption while Restoring our Rights and bringing Justice and Freedom back to the people of Planet Earth . We encourage an Evolution rather than Revolution, you see, the difference between the two is that Revolution is an infinite cycle, a trap, and A dead End (just look throughout history) On the Other hand, Evolution Is Progressive, Evolution is Conducive to Greatness, With the Evolution of the mind Come answers. We can achieve Mental Evolution by helping to awaken our fellow brothers and sisters, and  encourage 'Future Thinking' 'Human Thinking' and 'Independent Thought' not just mindless following. Our vision is to Unite everyone under one goal, and that is to be free thinkers and Evolved Sentient Beings. The Governments/Bloodlines/Elite can No longer Continue to keep us Blind like they have For Countless Generations. Join us in the fight against Tyranny,Corruption, and Mental Slavery..Help us wake up the masses to the Diabolical Tyranny of the International Banking cartels, their absolute control of our Nations and Governments, and their plans for the creation of a One World Government / Fascist Dictatorship. This is a life long quest, full of Knowledge, Growth and Overstanding. Lets take back our Humanity, Lets give them Hell! Down to our Last Dying Breath Proclaiming "WE ARE THE RESISTANCE!!!". Join us. There is no US without YOU. 



We, the people of the world denounce your claim of ownership of the world for it is through fraud, deception and usury that you have made yourself the rulers of humankind. You have committed every evil in your goal for world hegemony and have become drunk with the blood of the innocents.

No longer shall we sit idly by allowing your agenda to stay hidden behind the veil. We shall unite with a common purpose and with a common goal to spread the knowledge of your tyranny across the globe and to demand justice until the world is free from the slavery and perdition you have created on this earth.

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Templars of Hip Hop 1333-2010 Resistance / Restoration Movement